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Partner Organizations

Organization The Human Promise - La Promesse humaine
Contact Name Jacob Shapiro
Phone Nº N/A
E-mail jacob(a)
Website The Human Promise
Activities The Human Promise is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization run by young people helping young people.

Founded in 2006 in reaction to the terrible atrocities going on unchecked in the Darfur province of Sudan, we are committed to defending human rights and protecting human dignity regardless of ethnic or geographical origins.

As global citizens, we make it our responsibility to be the voice of those who can’t talk for themselves, who have no lobby representing them.

Our mandate is to raise awareness and funds in order to aid child victims of social injustice, and abuse in troubled regions of the world.

The Human Promise puts great emphasis on organizing awareness activities for students as we believe that educating and sensitizing today’s youth is crucial to preventing such violence from reoccurring in the future. Another form of support is supplied on location, ensuring a better quality of life for victims of such humanitarian crises.


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